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List of Qualified Suppliers with PWGSC Contracting Officers

SA Number Supplier PWGSC Contracting Officer
001 TrendMicro Inc. Stephanie Lamoureux
002 Vmware Inc. Elizabeth Quenville
003 ACT inc (McAfee) Mustafa Hafidh
004 ACT inc (NetScout) Sheila Buckle
005 ACT inc (VEEAM) Elizabeth Quenville
006 ACT inc (SHUNRA) The SLSA Team
007 ACT inc (OPNET) Marco Pelchat
008 Carahsoft Technology (Redhat) Melissa Ruest
009 Nisha Technologies Inc. (Uptime) Emily Dolan
010 Nisha Technologies Inc. (Geminare) The SLSA Team
012 Nisha Technologies Inc. (AppZero) Marco Pelchat
013 VEEAM Software Corp. Elizabeth Quenville
014 Click-Into-Inc. (Wanova) Audace Niyonambaza
015 ACT inc (f5) Emily Dolan
016 CA Canada Stephanie Lamoureux
018 Conexsys Communications Ltd. (Checkpoint) Jean Gasake
020 Scalar Decisions Inc. (InfoBox) Audace Niyonambaza
022 ACT inc (VMware) Elizabeth Quenville
024 Northern Micro Inc. (Giritech) Audace Niyonambaza
025 WinMagic Inc. Mustafa Hafidh
026 Commvault Systems Inc. Andrea Riopel
030 Titus Inc. Mustafa Hafidh
031 Northern Micro (Parallels) Sheila Buckle
032 Flexera Software Inc. Elizabeth Quenville
033 The IT Broker Inc. (BT Diamond IP) The SLSA Team
034 ACT inc (HP) Sheila Buckle
035 ACT inc (Alphinat) Shannon MacCuaig
036 Collective Minds Consulting Inc. Nils Juppe
037 Nisha Technologies Inc. (VBridges) The SLSA Team
038 ipss Inc. (SkyRecon Systems) Haitham Abbas
039 Unlimi-Tech Software The SLSA Team
041 Sage Data Solutions Inc. Margo Conn-Harbinson
042 ACT inc (Juniper Networks) The SLSA Team
043 StorageFlex Inc. (DataCore) Marco Pelchat
045 SAS Institute (Canada) Inc. Haitham Abbas
046 Symantec Corporation Mustafa Hafidh
047 FreeBalance Inc. Nils Juppe
050 Colligo Networks Inc. Marco Pelchat
051 Intergraph Canada Ltd. Lloyd Chabot
052 EMC Corporation of Canada (RSA) Mustafa Hafidh
053 The IT Broker Inc. (Visto Corp. Good) Mustafa Hafidh
054 ABBYY USA Software House Inc. Nils Juppe
055 Anthony Macauley & Associates Inc. Nils Juppe
056 ACT inc (Riverbed) Sheila Buckle
057 Corel Corporation Joanne Yakabuskie
058 Oracle Canada ULC Phil Sanford
059 Eclipsys Solutions Inc. (Magor Communications Corp, Mitel) Emily Dolan
060 Eclipsys Solutions Inc. (Beyond Trust) Mustafa Hafidh
061 DLT Solutions (Autodesk) Mustafa Hafidh
064 Cisco Systems Canada Co. Emily Dolan
065 WorkDynamics Technologies Inc. Margo Conn-Harbinson
066 Eclipsys Solutions Inc.(Oracle) Phil Sanford
067 Empowered Networks (Core SDI) Mustafa Hafidh
068 NGRAIN (Canada) Corporation Audace Niyonambaza
069 ESRI Canada Ltd. (Voyager GIS) Stephanie Lamoureux
070 OKIOK Data Ltd Audace Niyonambaza
071 Route1 Inc. Shannon MacCuaig
072 Citrix Systems Inc. The SLSA Team
076 DMTI Spatial Inc. Haitham Abbas
077 ACT inc (Google) Ashton Doyle
079 Formation Terranova Inc. Mustafa Hafidh
081 Altruistic Informatics Consulting Inc. (Cassia Content) Moctar Fall
082 CGI Information Systems Nils Juppe
083 Exelis Visual Information Solutions Inc. Joanne Yakabuskie
084 Sani International Technology Advisors Inc. (Lizard Tech) Lloyd Chabot
087 Blancco Canada Stephanie Lamoureux
088 Horizant Inc.(Archibus) Hong Xu
089 SAP Canada Inc. Marco Pelchat
091 PCI Geomatic Enterprise Inc. Lloyd Chabot
092 Conexsys Communications Ltd (Sourcefire) Jean Gasake
093 Conexsys Communications Ltd (Cyber-Ark) Jean Gasake
094 Conexsys Communications Ltd (Websense) Jean Gasake
095 Conexsys Communications Ltd (Forescout) Jean Gasake
097 Les Technologies DeltaCrypt Manon Friesen
098 ACT inc (Centrify) Manon Friesen
100 L3 Prime Inc. (Avaya, Revcord, Predictive Business Intelligence) Hong Xu
101 Privacy Assured Inc. (Application Security Inc.) Mustafa Hafidh
102 Empowered Networks (Pureshare) Marco Pelchat
103 ipss Inc. (Rapid 7) Haitham Abbas
104 Entrust Ltd. Mustafa Hafidh
106 Northern Micro Inc. (Invincea Inc.) Manon Friesen
108 i4C Consulting Inc. (Process Pathways) Marco Pelchat
112 Raritan America Inc. Marco Pelchat
113 ipss Inc. (BlueCat Networks) The SLSA Team
114 Xerox Canada The SLSA Team
116 AvePoint Canada Ltd. Nils Juppe
117 Transpolar Technology Corp. (Cisco) Emily Dolan
118 The IT Broker Inc. (Cellcrypt) Mustafa Hafidh
119 1E Limited Elizabeth Quenville
120 Empowered Networks (Spirent Communications) Mustafa Hafidh
122 Decimal Technologies Inc. Hong Xu
124 Conexsys Communications Ltd (Damballa) Jean Gasake
125 IDS Systems Consultants Inc. (Embotics) Elizabeth Quenville
126 Scalar Decisions Inc. (Alcea) Nils Juppe
129 ACT inc (Avecto) Stephanie Lamoureux
130 Dalian Enterprises Inc. (Blue Coat) Mustafa Hafidh
132 Cogniva Information Solutions Inc. Marco Pelchat
134 Hitachi Data Systems Sheila Buckle
135 BMC Software Canada Inc. Emily Dolan
136 Information Builders (Canada) Inc. Marco Pelchat
137 Phirelight Security Solutions Inc. (1) Centrify Corporation; 2) Tanium Inc.) Lloyd Chabot
139 Ricoh Canada (Laserfiche) Hong Xu
140 A.Net Solutions Inc. Marco Pelchat
141 ACT inc (Vision Solutions) Lisa Huyen Le
142 ACT inc (Watchguard) Mustafa Hafidh
143 ACT inc (Informatica) Ashton Doyle
144 Sani-International Technology Advisors Inc. (TerraGo) Lloyd Chabot
145 ACT inc (Metalogix) Audace Niyonambaza
147 LYME Computer Systems Inc. The SLSA Team
148 Solantus Inc. Audace Niyonambaza
149 ipss Inc. (Symantec) Melissa Ruest
150 FoxWise Technologies Inc. (Trend Micro) Stephanie Lamoureux
151 Language Research Development Group, Inc. Marco Pelchat
152 Koza Technology Consulting Inc. Marco Pelchat
153 TeraMach Technologies Ltd. (NetApp Inc.) Marco Pelchat
154 Norconex Inc. Nils Juppe
155 Carahsoft (Adobe) Najat Azma
156 Capital Technology Partners Inc. (STATEL) Nils Juppe
157 Condusiv Technologies Corporation The SLSA Team
158 Decisive Technologies Inc. (NetApp Inc.) Marco Pelchat
159 Laurentian Technologies Inc. (NetApp Inc.) Marco Pelchat
160 LNW Consulting Inc. (Jive Software) Hong Xu
161 Larus Technologies Corporation Marco Pelchat
163 Information Active Inc. Marco Pelchat
164 Counterpath Corp. (Bria) Marco Pelchat
165 CiBRA Inc. The SLSA Team
166 Mishkumi Technologies The SLSA Team
167 ACT inc (Adlib) Marco Pelchat
168 ACT inc (Sagemcom) Marco Pelchat
170 ACT inc (GemTalk) Marco Pelchat
171 ACT inc (Palo Alto Networks) Najat Azma
172 ACT inc (Aruba) Audace Niyonambaza
174 Eclipsys Solutions Inc. (HIDActividentity) Mustafa Hafidh
175 Conesxys Communications Ltd. (HB Gary) Jean Gasake
176 Electronic Warfare Associates Canada Ltd Melissa Ruest
177 Lenovo Canada Inc. (Stoneware) Emily Dolan
178 ACT inc (Bit9) Mustafa Hafidh
179 Bell Canada Elizabeth Quenville
180 MicroStrategy Canada Inc. Nils Juppe
181 Cansel Survey Equipment Inc. (Autodesk) Mustafa Hafidh
182 Northern Micro Inc. (Code Green) Mustafa Hafidh
183 Conexsys Communications Ltd. (Firemon) Jean Gasake
185 TRM Technologies Inc. (Code Excellence) Lloyd Chabot
186 Northern Micro Inc. (LogRhythm) Joanne Yakabuskie
187 LNW Consulting Inc. (Gimmal) Nils Juppe
188 BoldRadius Solutions Inc. (Typesafe) Melissa Ruest
189 ACT inc (LANDESK) Mustafa Hafidh
192 Ricoh Canada (Globalscan) Hong Xu
193 Ricoh Canada (Autostore) Hong Xu
194 SHI Canada (Tenable) Stephanie Lamoureux
195 DLS Technology Corporation Elizabeth Quenville
196 Orangutech Inc. (NINTEX) Nils Juppe
197 Air Interactive Media Inc. Nils Juppe
198 Hypertec Systems Inc. (Kaspersky) Audace Niyonambaza
199 Cyphercor Incorporated Sheila Buckle
200 TRM Technologies Inc. (SD Elements) Lloyd Chabot
201 Cloudlink Technologies Inc. The SLSA Team
202 ACT inc (Concept Searching) Angela Cowie
203 TRM Technologies Inc. (ClearPicture) Nils Juppe
205 CAE Inc. (Saba Software Inc.) Mustafa Hafidh
206 CloseReach Ltd. (QualiWare) Marco Pelchat
207 Phirelight Security Solutions Inc. (rapidPhire) Lloyd Chabot
208 Sani-International Technology Advisors Inc. (BAE GXP) Lloyd Chabot
209 ACT inc (Unisys) Jean Gasake
210 ACT inc (Cosign by Arx) Manon Friesen
213 Moore Canada Lloyd Chabot
214 Real Enterprise Synergy Inc. Melissa Ruest
217 Orangutech Inc. ( Nils Juppe
218 Northern Micro Inc. (HyTrust) Emily Dolan
219 Konica Minolta (NSI) Mustafa Hafidh
222 Superna Business Consulting Inc. Melissa Ruest
223 Ricoh Canada Inc. (Device Manager NX) Elizabeth Quenville
225 Scalar Decisions Inc. (Splunk) Mustafa Hafidh
226 Turtlehawk Solutions (Active Navigation) Moctar Fall
227 Exspans System Software Development Inc. (AutoMan) The SLSA Team
228 ACT inc (Lexmark) The SLSA Team
229 ACT inc (Tableau Software) Mustafa Hafidh
230 Kihew Technologies LP Marco Pozzi
232 Modest Tree Media Inc. Mustafa Hafidh
233 CBCI Telecom Canada Inc. (Acano(UK)Ltd.) Mustafa Hafidh
236 ACT inc (Grammatech) Mustafa Hafidh
237 Savoie Consulting and Solutions Inc. (CloudMask) Mustafa Hafidh
238 Perram Corp. Andrea Riopel
240 DELL Software Canada Inc. Lloyd Chabot
241 Carahsoft Technology Corp. (ServiceNow) Marco Pelchat
242 Cloud Transformation Services Inc. (Venafi) Shannon MacCuaig
243 Acaveo Inc. Andrea Riopel
245 FDM Software Ltd. Marco Pelchat
246 Ipss Inc. (AppSense) Sheila Buckle
247 FoxWise Technologies Inc. (Cloudera) Brock Flemming
248 Savoie Consulting and Solutions Inc. (SeeUnity Inc.) Elizabeth Quenville
249 Knowmadics Inc. (SilverEye) Haitham Abbas
250 ESRI Canada Limited (Latitude) Stephanie Lamoureux
251 Markido Inc. (Engage) Mustafa Hafidh
252 ipss Inc. (Bromium) Mustafa Hafidh
253 Dalian Enterprises Inc. (Sqrrl Data Inc.) Stephanie Lamoureux
254 Formverse Inc. The SLSA Team
255 Northen Micro Inc. (Zerto) Sheila Buckle
256 ACT inc (Delphix) Sheila Buckle
257 Empowered Networks (ITRACSLLC) Ashton Doyle
260 A Hundred Answers Inc. (Scribe) Sheila Buckle
264 TRM Technologies Inc. (CGE Risk Management Solutions) Ashton Doyle
272 Axios Systems Inc. Brock Flemming

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