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Multi-Departmental Contracts

Multi-Departmental Contracts are made available to Government Users Only due to the Commercial Confidential Nature of the documents.

All sole source commercial off the shelf software requirements valued over $2M (GST/HST included) currently require a Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS) submission for approval and all sole source requirement valued over $1M up to $2M (GST/HST included) require PWGSC Minister approval. As a result clients and potential contractors must factor this into consideration. The client must ensure that their approved funded requisition is submitted to PWGSC Software and Shared Systems Procurement Directorate a minimum of 6 months in advance for TBS approval and 3 months in advance for PWGSC Minister approval.

Multi-Departmental Contracts - Competitive

Vendor Contract Number Contracting Officer Category Instructions
Bohemia Interactive Australia W8486-100792/001/XL Pascal Alicandro
Virtual Tactical Trainer  
CA Canada Company T8086-110458/001/EEM Emily Dolan
Application Performance Management Software Solution  
Autonomy/HP EN869-111182/002/XL Peter Gabriel
Metadata and Content Management Software Solution  
Deloitte Inc. U6150-084942/001/EEM Phil Sanford
Portfolio Management Software Solution  
IBM Canada Ltd. 0X001-070088/001/XL Margo Conn-Harbinson
Integrated-Learning Management System (I-LMS) Software Solution  
Nakisa Inc. 42001-040219/001/XL Hong Xu
Organizational Charting Software  
Pegasie Technologies Inc. EN578-122840/001/EEM Manon Friesen
Software Engineering Tools  
CSDC Systems Inc EN578-070389/001/EE Hicham Laassouli
ATIP - File, Imaging and Records Management (FIRM)  
SAP Canada Inc. EP567-110834/001/XL Annie Yang
IFMS SAP Cluster Training and Documentation Software Solution  
SAP Canada Inc. EN578-123329/001/XL Denise Jalbert
Sierra Systems Group Inc. 51019-053457/001/XL Russell McHugh
Workflow and Service Management Software Solution  
Softchoice Corporation 45045-070043/001/EEM Fanny Mambwe
WAKE-ON-LAN (WOL) Software Solution  
Sophead Corp. U2040-096843/001/EE Pascal Alicandro
Road Map Software  
CCH Canadian Ltd. EN578-110558/001/XL Russell McHugh
Licensed Audit Software Solution  

Multi-Departmental Contracts - Limited Tender

Vendor Contract Number Contracting Officer Category Instuctions
CA Canada Company EN578-070443/001/EEM Meghan Roos
CA Sole Source Multi-Departmental Contract  
IBM Canada Ltd. EN578-130071/001/EEM Melissa Ruest
IBM Sole Source Multi-Deparmental Contract  
Microsoft Premier Support EN578-142904/001/EE Peter Lessard
Premier Support Services Microsoft Basis of Payment Guide
Microsoft Select Software EN578-142905/001/EE Peter Lessard
Microsoft Software Licenses Only Microsoft Basis of Payment Guide
Microsoft Enterprise Software EN578-142903/001/EE Peter Lessard
Microsoft Software Licenses and Microsoft Software Assurance Microsoft Basis of Payment Guide

Government Wide Contracts

Vendor Contract Number Contracting Officer Category Instructions
Open Text Corporation EN869-070758/001/XL Hong Xu
Records, Document and Information Management System (RDIMS)  
Oracle Corporation Canada Inc. 4N001-3-2318/01-EW Phil Sanford
Human Resources Management System  
SAP Canada Inc. EP567-079772/001/XL Annie Yang
Integrated Finance/Material Management System (IFMS)  
Sierra Systems EP265-04H009/001/ET Hicham Laassouli
Unified Portal Software Solution  

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