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Multi-Departmental Contracts

Multi-Departmental Contracts are made available to Government Users Only due to the Commercial Confidential Nature of the documents.

All sole source commercial off the shelf software requirements valued over $2M (GST/HST included) currently require a Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS) submission for approval and all sole source requirement valued over $1M up to $2M (GST/HST included) require PWGSC Minister approval. As a result clients and potential contractors must factor this into consideration. The client must ensure that their approved funded requisition is submitted to PWGSC Software and Shared Systems Procurement Directorate a minimum of 6 months in advance for TBS approval and 3 months in advance for PWGSC Minister approval.

For several years, when competitively procuring software solutions and related systems, the Acquisitions Branch of Public Works and Government Services (PWGSC) has included the potential for other departments and agencies to acquire the same or similar (in scope) requirements. This has been done to leverage the government’s purchasing power.

As these instruments have matured, PWGSC wants to ensure that we are evolving our procurement practices to continue to deliver excellent value to departments and agencies. In the course of the daily workload, Multi-Departmental contracts can provide significant value to organizations in both the solutions they offer and to the ease of procurement.

Therefore we want to ensure clarity as to the application of these Multi-Departmental contracts.

  • Departments and agencies are required to use these Multi-Departmental contracts if and only if they meet that organization’s business requirements.
  • These contracts do not constitute “standards” that departments and agencies must conform to. Only the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (TBS) can establish a standard. At this time, the only TBS declared standards are: SAP for financial and materiel management systems, PeopleSoft for human resources management systems, and OpenText for GCDocs.
  • If there are any questions about marketing information provided by software vendors to employees about one or more of the noted Multi-Departmental contracts below, please contact the noted procurement officer in the Web link below.

In our role as procurement authority, the Acquisitions Branch of PWGSC will review client’s requests for leveraging Multi-Departmental contracts to determine if they can be used in individual cases. Additionally, when a client’s software procurement requirement is submitted that could be leveraged as a multi-departmental contract, PWGSC will contact TBS Chief Information Officer Branch and the client department or agency to conduct an assessment with our support.

I trust the above clarifies common questions regarding the use of Multi-Departmental software contracts. Should you have any questions, please contact Mr. John Penhale, Senior Director, Software and Shared Systems Procurement Directorate, PWGSC at (819) 956-2333.

Multi-Departmental Contracts - Competitive

Vendor Contract Number Contracting Officer Category Instructions
CA Canada Company T8086-110458
Emily Dolan
Application Performance Management Software Solution  
CSDC Systems Inc EN578-070389
Nils Juppe
ATIP - File, Imaging and Records Management (FIRM)  
Deloitte Inc. U6150-084942
Phil Sanford
Portfolio Management Software Solution  
Eclipsys Solutions 45045-110061
Elizabeth Quenville
Enterprise Interoperability Service Platform (Business Process Management Software)  
IBM Canada Ltd. 0X001-070088
Margo Conn-Harbinson
Integrated-Learning Management System (I-LMS) Software Solution  
Pegasie Technologies Inc. EN578-122840
Manon Friesen
Software Engineering Tools  
Pitney Bowes Software Canada Inc. EN578-121940
Brock Flemming
Enterprise Automated Template Solution (EATS) Pitney Bowes Software Canada Inc
Riptyde Solutions Inc.


Elizabeth Quenville
Faceted Document Migration Software and Services Solution  
SAP Canada Inc. EN578-123329
Evan Lecouvie
Shopheon Corp. U2040-096843
Pascal Alicandro
Road Map Software  
Sierra Systems Group Inc. EN578-130092
Phil Sanford
WorkDynamics Technologies Inc. EN578-133379
Brock Flemming
Government of Canada Correspondence Management System (GCCMS)  

Multi-Departmental Contracts - Limited Tender

Vendor Contract Number Contracting Officer Category Instuctions
CA Canada Company EN578-070443
Meghan Roos
CA Sole Source Multi-Departmental Contract  
CCH Canadian Ltd EN578-110558
Nils Juppe
Licensed Audit Software Solution  
IBM Canada Ltd. EN578-130071
Melissa Ruest
IBM Sole Source Multi-Deparmental Contract  
Microsoft Premier Support EN578-142904
Mustafa Hafidh
Premier Support Services Microsoft Basis of Payment Guide
Microsoft Select Software EN578-142905/001/EE Mustafa Hafidh
Microsoft Software Licenses Only Microsoft Basis of Payment Guide
Microsoft Enterprise Software EN578-142903/001/EE Mustafa Hafidh
Microsoft Software Licenses and Microsoft Software Assurance Microsoft Basis of Payment Guide

Government-Wide Contracts

Vendor Contract Number Contracting Officer Category Instructions
Open Text Corporation EN869-070758
Mark Martell
Records, Document and Information Management System (RDIMS)  
Oracle Corporation Canada Inc. 4N001-3-2318
Phil Sanford
Human Resources Management System  
SAP Canada Inc. EP567-132615
Evan Lecouvie
Integrated Finance/Material Management System (IFMS)  

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