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Software and Shared Systems Procurement Directorate

Name Phone 873- E-mail
SSSPD Phone list
Senior Director: John Penhale 873-469-3999
Administrative Assistant: Cynthia St-Jean 873-469-3986
Software Methods of Supply Division
Manager: Saadi Louali 873-469-3987
Supply Team Leader: Audace Niyonambaza 873-469-3997
Ngoma Nkiama 873-469-3368
Christine Lamoureux 873-469-4662
Software Commodity Division
Manager: Glen Carswell 819-956-6164
Nil Boulet 873-469-4673
Delena Benson 873-469-4669
Suzi Lane 873-469-4672
EEM Division
Information Technology Software Division
Manager: Saadi Louali 873-469-3987
Supply Team Leader: Meghan Roos 873-469-3988
Supply Team Leader: Vincent Wong 873-469-3992
Elizabeth Quenville
Lisa Huyen Le 873-469-4661
Sheila Buckle 873-469-4671
EE Division
Client Application Software Division
Manager: Benoit Davis 613-552-2065
Othman Msefer 873-469-3623
Development Environments and Client Productivity
Supply Team Leader: Pascal Alicandro 873-469-3996
Peter Gabriel 873-469-4654
Haitham Abbas 873-469-4678
Najat Azma 873-469-3995
Mustafa Hafidh 873-469-4659
Joanne Yakabuskie 873-469-4650
Scientific and Engineering
Supply Team Leader: Sophie Archambault 873-469-3993
Peter Lessard 819-462-2220
Mark Martell 873-469-3966
Nancy Stanford 819-420-4060
Lloyd Chabot 873-469-4664
Andy Groulx 819-420-6047
XL Division Enterprise Software Procurement Division
Manager: Scott Soucy 873-469-4640
Information Management
Supply Team Leader: Emily Dolan 873-469-3989
Margo Conn-Harbinson 873-469-4663
Andrea Riopel 873-469-3984
Brock Flemming 873-469-4653
Sampan Chadha 873-469-4963
Human Resources and Data Management
Supply Team Leader: Phil Sanford 819-956-3882
Evan Lecouvie 819-420-0753
Tara Egan 819-420-5280
Ajida Mujkic 873-469-3618
Finance and Knowledge Management
Supply Team Leader: Beth Weinberger 819-420-4506
Hong Xu 873-469-4651
David Martyniuk 873-469-3982
Nils Juppe 873-469-4846
Tanya Drolet
List of Authorized PWGSC Contracting Officers and Authorized Client Authorities
Christine Lamoureux 873-469-4662

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